“Married to Sin” Book Endorsements

Married to Sin, a memoir

By Darlene D. Collier with Meredith C. McGee

A true story about hideous family secrets, redemption, and personal achievement

Copyright 2013


“Married to Sin is a compelling description of family dysfunction and poverty. The authors recreate a world teeming with life, suffering, and destruction, marked with grace notes of endurance, faith, self-assertion, and hope.”

Starry Krueger, Author

The Whole Works: The Autobiography of a Young American Couple

“This family experienced awful temple violations: but in the end, you’ll rejoice upon discovering how Collier sewed the unraveled pieces back together.”

Hazel Janell Meredith

Author, My Brother J-Boy

Co-Author, A Story About James H. Meredith

Married to Sin deserves an ‘A.’ Superbly written. The reader can visualize the story which chronicles educational inequity, family secrets, lies, sexual abuse, personal abuse, incest, and poverty.”

Phyllis Robinson (aka Peaches), Host/Producer

On Location TV, Comcast Cable, Channel 18

“This is an extremely important book. Everyone interested in the reality of the last sixty years of black people should read “it.”

James H. Meredith, Ole Miss 1962

Co-Author, A Mission From God: A Memoir and Challenge to America – Simon & Schuster

Author, Three Years in Mississippi

Author, Me and My Kind: An Oral History

I think Collier was brave to speak out because not only is it therapeutic for her; it is a testament to many others who are victims themselves yet have been quiet for fear of being wrongfully judged.

Dr. Judy A. Meredith, Author

Closing the Glass Ceiling: An Analysis of Women Administrators in Public Universities in the Deep South

To order Married to Sin write us or visit:

https://www.amazon.com/Married-Sin-Meredith-McGee-ebook/dp/B00BK9V24I/  2013 edition, 2nd printing

ORDER Married to Sin – our e-store RETAIL PRICE: $7.99

ORDER Married to Sin – our e-store RETAIL PRICE: $12.62

ISBN-13: 978-1482576092
ISBN-10: 1482576090
Library of Congress control # 2012429231
Paperback Trade 174 p.
c2012 c2013


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