4 thoughts on “Order Married to Sin Now

  1. After reviewing our Amazon Royalty report, the royalty rate structure sunk in. When customers purchase “Married to Sin” from Amazon our royalty is 35% compared to 55% through our e-store with Createspace. Createspace is our print on demand publisher. Amazon owns Createspace. Our royalty check is from Amazon, not Createspace. At the end of the day, our (the authors) bottom line is lower because most consumers click on the picture of the book which is dominated by Amazon. They only make a link available to our e-store with Createspace which pays us (the authors) the best royalty. The best bang for our buck comes from one on one sales at book signings and from our blog.

    https://www.createspace.com/3715678 Order “Married to Sin” e-store

  2. I have had the chance to read “Married to Sin” and it was inspirational. The circumstances and events that covered a life time filled with trial and tribulations takes a backstage to Darlene Colliers strength through it all. Merdith McGee, the writer, does an excellent job, in detailing the story that tells it all.
    Scherri Greene

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