4 thoughts on “Hello readers!

  1. My name is Zandra Lockhart, and i read married to sin this past week…..when i started to read this book i was very intrigued, i could not put the book down….as i went on to read…i got angry…..by the end i was talking to myself, leave, leave, why didnt you just leave i say aloud! I was so mad….and as the day went by, i thought to myself, what a brave, strong woman to tell her family secret to the world…it couldnt be me! we as people are so scared of what people think that we allow things like this to go on…..well Ms. Collier you may have not stopped it right then, but you stopped it….you stopped it for generations to come….i applaud you for having the courage to come fourth….people will try to judge you, they will say things to tear u down….God says Vengeance are mine….we have to watch the comments we say as well…God will reward us all….if he be for us who dare be against us….i dare others to write their own book and tell their family secrets, we all have them….May God Bless the both of you and your familes

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