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 Mose Dantzler Press, a small press, was founded by Darlene D. Collier and Meredith C. McGee. The press was named in honor of Mrs. Collier’s great grandfather, Mose Dantzler. He was the son of a slave who became one of the largest land holders  in Jasper County, Mississippi in 1905.

Mose Dantzler Press published Married to Sin in Jan of 2012 and Jan of 2013. The Spanish edition Casada al Pecado was released May 2, 2014. Both titles are available in print and as e-books. The company will not publish any additional titles.

1st printing 2012 edition

married to sin cover

However, feel free to contact Meredith Coleman McGee, the co-author of Married to Sin, and the acquisition editor of Meredith Etc which accepts manuscript submissions for memoirs, biographies, books of poetry, and short story anthologies. Submissions outside of this scope will be considered on a case by case basis www.meredithetc.com.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1482576090 $7.99 – 2013 edition

https://www.amazon.com/Married-Sin-Meredith-McGee-ebook/dp/B00BK9V24I/ (ebook $.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1482576092 ISBN-10: 1482576090–Library of Congress control # 2012429231

Casada al Pecado

Casada al Pecado https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G8NPS2S trade paperback edition $7.99

Casada al Pecado
Casada al Pecado

La historia del trauma debe sacarse a luz y exponerse antes de que empiece la curación, y tener una cliente que escriba un trauma narrativo puede ser un potente proceso terapéutico usado por terapeutas entrenador para hacer este desafiante labor.  Darlene Collier descubrió esta senda de curación personal por sí misma y, compartiendo su historia, ella le ha dado al mundo un maravilloso libro que tiene el potencial de beneficiar otras víctimas e iluminar a aquellos de nosotros que los amamos y laboramos con ellos.

Dra. Vickie Barlow, Psicoterapista 

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G8NPS2S download the e-book in the Kindle Store

Tranlated by Leopoldo Trevino

Editado por:  Nancy Suarez

Visit Meredith Etcthe home of good books – www.meredithetc.com


21 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I think this was a great idea because it will give young writers an opportunity to publish their work without searching for a publisher outside the State of Mississippi. Great job! Much needed!

    • Thank you for connecting. Darlene Collier’s father was Toy Dantzler. His father was Fred Dantzler. Fred’s father was Mose Dantzler. Mose’ mother was Mary Danztler. Mary moved to Neshoba County, MS in the late 1830s from SC after the Indians were displaced from the region so that whites could settle there. She was a slave. Mose moved to Jasper County, MS in the early 1900s. You can read this family history from our blog via the Introduction of “Married to Sin” which is Darlene D. Collier’s memoir. Order the book online from our blog. It’s a very interesting book. Where do you live? Is Caswell Dantzler from Heidelberg, MS or Neshoba County, MS? All of Mose’ children were born in Heidelberg, so was Ms. Darlene and her siblings. Occasionally, Ms. Darlene goes to the library to use the computer, but she is not good at navigating our blog. We read messages to her as we will read this message to her shortly. If she has something to add to your message, we’ll post it later for her.

    • Im.also from the dantzler bloodline my grandpa name is Isaac dantzler and grandma name is Rebecca dantzler from South Carolina look me up on facebook Melanie Smith

      • Thank Yoy for your reply! I am a decendant of the Dawkins and Bennetts, I have made to to my gggrandfather Henry Dawkins from AL and my gggrandmother Lucy Bennett who had the only child of Daniel E Harry , she is listed as his servant in the 1920’s cencus. There is also a Fannie Tatum , who I believe is Henry Dawkins Sr sister. Thank You for your time.

  2. “Married To Sin” is a truly moving story full of lies, abuse, incest, lust, and heartache. Mrs. Darlene Collier is truly a survivor and an inspiration to women who have lived through or still live in similar situations.

  3. I have read the book Married to Sin, a amazing book that I recommended to anyone to read, from the moment I open the book, I couldn’t put it down, I highly recommend everyone that loves to read, to order this book, good work, Mrs. Darlene Collier and Mrs. Meredith Coleman.

  4. “Married to Sin” is a suburb book. I have to take my hat off to Darlene. She loved her kids. She did what she could for them. I didn’t agree with all of her methods. But, by the end of the book, I feel in love with her. This book should be a best seller.

    Jean Collier, Jackson, Mississippi

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